The Skill and Experience that Make the Difference!

Skilled personnel, a wealth of experience and many contacts around the world ensure the smooth delivery of your aircraft each and every time. We deliver any turbine-powered aircraft, from turboprops to large jets. Golden Executive Jet Solutions can also install temporary navigation and communication equipment and innovative ferry systems to increase flexibility and economy. From the routine to the most complex mission, we will find a solution that results in the safest, most reliable and most efficient ferry service available to the aviation industry today.

Prior to delivery, the customer will receive a complete route analysis and schedule. During the delivery, clients are updated regularly on the progress and arrival schedule. We can use our own ICAO call sign and flight numbers, allowing authorities and service providers around the world to charge user fees directly to us, leaving no room for unpleasant surprises months later. Gold Executive Jet Solutions can obtain special flight permits, RVSM/MNPS authorizations, and export certificates of air worthiness to assist you in a smooth importation or exportation of your aircraft.

Whether delivering Embraer, Cessna, Dassault or Gulfstream aircraft fresh off the line to customers around the globe, Gold Executive Jet Solutions is efficient and reliable.

Delivery options range from crew only to a complete turnkey operation, which would include:

  • All fuel en-route
  • Landing, parking and ground handling fees
  • US Customs EEI and eAPIS filings
  • FAA approvals
  • All Navigation Charges
  • All over flight and landing permissions
  • Crew fees, expenses and airfares
  • Crew license endorsements
  • Real time tracking updates
  • Bailment contracts
  • Installation of long-range navigation and communication equipment, if required
  • Installation of auxiliary ferry fuel systems, if required
  • Industry leading Customer Service