The aircraft acceptance process involves a test flight that lasts 1 to 4 hours. During this process every system is checked methodically to exacting standards. Every interior door, latches, window shades, drawer is checked and double checked to ensure that they function at altitude.

On the ground the aircraft is subjected to a rigorous, inch by inch inspection of components, linkage, lines, wiring, paintwork, fittings, fabrics and more to ensure that the aircraft is received in as expected.

In these days of extensive aviation regulation it is vital that the documentation for the aircraft is perfectly in order and fit for purpose with respect to the ultimate registration and destination of the aircraft. Gold Executive Jet Solutions team has experience in the legal and financial details associated with closing and importing the aircraft sale.

The Gold Executive Jet Solutions Team has the experience of accepting and delivery, numerous both Used and Factory New Aircraft. Our extensive experience working at the manufacturer's level provides you with the confidence that your aircraft is ready for delivery.

Our Aircraft Acceptance process also includes a thorough review of all Aircraft Documentation, Modification Summaries, Service Bulletins and Airworthiness Directives. During the Acceptance Flight, we work to ensure that all aircraft systems operate correctly and the aircraft meets all airframe specifications and engine performance parameters per the AFM. We also complete a detailed cosmetic inspection of the exterior paint, interior fabrics and woodwork, and operational check the cabin entertainment and any other installed systems.

When they are assisted by the Gold Executive Jet Solutions team, the customer is confident all is in order before taking delivery of an aircraft and signing the transfer of the title.

The aircraft acceptance inspection is done with concern for time and quality. A standard procedure takes place as follows:

1st day
GROUND CHECKS: Ground Checks: external surfaces, bays and cabin visual inspection, static aircraft system and cockpit checks, engine tests.

2nd day
ACCEPTANCE FLIGHT: checks during flight of all aircraft systems (including cabin systems) and aircraft behavior in the whole flight envelope.

3rd day
Physical rework or provision of solutions for all technical and quality snags open in delivery.

4th day
COMPLETION OF TECHNICAL ACCEPTANCE: Technical closure of the aircraft and all associated documents attesting the aircraft’s compliance to the type certificate and conformity to the technical specification allowing the issuance of the Certificate of Airworthiness.

5th day

PREPARATION OF THE AIRCRAFT: Aircraft preparation for the ferry flight to its home base.

Gold Executive Jet Solutions also offers the customer an explanation and presentations of its aircraft throughout the production process, from major component assembly to painting and cabin furnishing, so that it can check that the terms of the contract have been met.

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